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New Es War Einmal Watch at Swatch

Once upon a time, life was a fairytale. Then Swatch created Es War Einmal to show just how much fun reality can be when you take a cheeky peek behind the scenes.

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You don’t have to have a blue and white dress or an invitation to a mad tea party to network with the Queen of Hearts, the Tweedles or a Cheshire cat. From L-R DOUBLE ME, £47.50, WONDERQUEEN, £38  and CAT ME UP, £51 bring the quirky magic of Wonderland to the wrist, without any risk of injury from falling down rabbit holes. (Important note for white rabbits: these watches may be unsuitable for you as they are not two days slow!)

Story time continues with the collection so make you check out the latest Swatch tales in store…..




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