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The Grooming Station at John Lewis

Showcasing the crème de la crème in men’s skincare and hair-styling, John Lewis’ new Groom Station will offer products and services by Bumble and bumble, Clinique For Men, LAB SERIES Skincare For Men, Aveda and Origins for Men.

GroomingStn-JLP_24032016_001This dedicated men’s space invites gents to troubleshoot their skin and hair-care woes with the help of expert groomers and stylists who will be on hand seven days a week. They will be offering free 5-10 minute “Freshen-Up” Skincare Consultation, a 5-10 minute “Tidy Up” Haircare Consultation, and a 5 minute “Stress-relieving Neck and Shoulder Massage”, alongside shorter alternatives.

For Men with no time to clean and treat tired skin, Clinique For Men, with their customised approach to men’s skincare, will demonstrate the very best in grooming tools and know-how with their innovative Sonic Brush and Skin Diagnostic reader. For those seeking a re-energising boost with instant benefits, the technology-packed LAB SERIES AGE RESCUE+ Water-Charged Gel Cream is the ultimate quencher for thirsty skin and part of a high-tech product suite designed to transform your skin’s appearance.

GroomingStn-JLP_24032016_010Detoxed your body but forgotten to detox your skin? Origins for Men harnesses the power of nature to help improve skin’s health and appearance, so why not start fighting off the daily build-up of dirt and debris with a range of products that will help eradicate skin impurities with mother nature’s finest ingredients.

Managed the sharp suit, but not the slick lid? Über cool, New York hair brand Bumble and bumble will treat you to a “Tidy Up” hair consultation, a quick fix dry style that will make sure that what’s on top doesn’t let you down. Don’t like wax, pastes or hair creme? Let the Bumble and Bumble stylists introduce you to Sumotech – a moulding compound that’s a combination of all three (and a marvel of modern technology).

London living and the perils of commuting got your hair thinning and body aching? Let our expert Aveda consultants melt away your inner-tension with a stress-relieving massage, whilst they offer you solutions to the signs of outer-tension with soothing hair and scalp products exclusively blended with phyto-active ingredients.

The Grooming Station is situated within the Beauty Hall on the Ground Floor of John Lewis Oxford Street, so whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, we invite you to stop by to troubleshoot your concerns and indulge your curiosities.



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