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Make Your Own Espadrilles with The Makery at John Lewis


Following the arrival of The Makery’s craft workshops at John Lewis we decided to try out one of the classes to see if they’re all they’re cracked up to be!

There’s plenty of different crafts to choose from and all skill levels are welcome. As espadrilles are very ‘on trend’ at the moment and the idea of making a shoe sound very excited we decided to book a ‘Make Your Own Espadrilles’ workshop. For the class all you need to bring is your chosen piece of fabric, or you can purchase it in store from the John Lewis haberdashery where they have everything from denim, gingham, florals to plain quality cotton.

Our workshop was held by Emily, who explained the process of making your espadrilles before setting us up with all the necessary tools including the template for your shoe size.


The next step was then to carefully cut out the templates for the toe cap and the back piece of the shoe, making sure not to get the left and right side muddled up although Emily assured us all that it’s not the end of the world if you do! The shoes must be lined and for this we are given a piece of linen and the choice of two colours, white or beige.

espadrilles sewing

It was then time to pin and get using the sewing machine. There’s help on hand to get to grips with using a sewing machine whether its your first time or if you’re a bit rusty and need a refresher. This is where you really start to see the shoe taking shape as once you’ve stitched all the pieces of your shoe, the construction can begin. Laying out the fabric in position on your sole you then you start to pin the edges down to the sole.


Then we hand stitch! Using a blanket stitch we then attach the fabric to our sole and it all comes together slowly but surely. It’s important to take your time with this section as the stitches are visible on your shoes so your told to keep them as even as possible.


Ta-da one shoes done! And the other one the way, this particular workshop last 3 hours which is plenty of time to learn the craft of making espadrilles and if you’re a speedy sewer you’ll probably finish both shoes. If not, never fear as you’re encouraged to finish it off at home. The Makery offer tutorial videos on its website to remind you of all the things learnt in your class as well as guide you through any difficult areas.

The workshop are open community event where you can meet some lovely people, get stuck into making something bespoke and learning a new skill. We totally encourage you to book a class and get involved – come on your own or with some friends and just have some good old fashioned crafty-fun! The list of upcoming events are here.




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